Terry Thompson
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America On Track’s philosophy is in harmony with the California Physical Education Framework: “Physical education is a multifaceted process that teaches a wide range of skills and activities with the aim of the students’ becoming physically educated, physically fit, able to enjoy a variety of physical activities, and committed to lifelong health and physical well-being.  It is a continuing process of articulated, sequential development of skills, talents, attitudes and behaviors.”

It is all interconnected
your food choices, your physical activities, your positive attitude
and a happy, healthy body.
Make the connection!

~ Terry Thompson

Since 2006, America On Track has successfully implemented innovative, comprehensive Federal Physical Education Program grants in 21 different schools in disadvantaged neighborhoods.  These grants incorporate sports, fitness and nutrition objectives, as well as a collaborative approach.  Additionally, AOT has incorporated a fitness component in the Teen Emerging Leaders program since 1996.

How It Works

America On Track provides the following:

  • Structured Physical Education classes utilizing an evidence-based curriculum
  • Active Recess with the On Track Fitness Fun Zone program
  • Active Play training for teachers and parents
  • Painted Playground stencils
  • Best-practice physical activity-related policies
  • Collection of CA FitnessGram measurements for all grade levels
  • Professional development for school staff and physical education specialists