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In 1995, with a passion to help the most vulnerable children and families, Terry Thompson and Claire Braeburn founded America On Track after researching the needs and critical problems facing Orange County communities.

Both college graduates, they combined their talents, business experience as well as leadership training skills to create and develop every component of America On Track, an independent 501(c)(3) organization that has reached hundreds of thousands of children and families throughout Orange County. (see Awards)

Over the years, their vision became a reality known as America On Track with successfully designed and executed ground breaking programs in youth leadership development, mentoring, fitness and nutrition education, tobacco/drug use prevention, and policy development.

Currently, with the help of a dedicated Board of Directors, staff members and volunteers, America On Track serves over 44,000 people per year, and allocates 91¢ of every dollar to program services.

America On Track is about hope, opportunities,
and life-transforming programs.

America On Track’s Mission is:
to inspire brighter futures
by building youth leaders,
supporting families, and strengthening
communities through life-transforming programs.

Our Vision is to create more vibrant communities
by addressing social inequities and health disparities
through evidence-based programs that focus on leadership development,
mentoring, academic achievement, fitness & nutrition, and tobacco/drug use prevention.

Our Motto: Creating Brighter Futures for Communities & Youth since 1995!

We achieve our goals in 7 unique ways:

  • America On Track’s Emerging Leaders Program
  • Nutrition & Fitness Programs
  • Brighter Futures for Children of Prisoners Program
  • Adult & Youth Leadership Development Programs
  • Alcohol, Tobacco, and Drug Prevention Education Programs
  • Parent Education Classes & Health Seminars
  • Linking Policy and Environmental Strategies to Health Outcomes