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International human rights advocates have called parental incarceration
‘the greatest threat to child well-being in the U.S.’

~ The World’s Child Prize Foundation

America On Track’s Brighter Futures for Children of Prisoners program was developed in 2004 to create opportunities for children of prisoners who are innocent victims of challenging environments with adverse childhood experiences. 

America On Track
is the only agency
in Orange County
services to children
of prisoners and
their families.

There are over 20,000 children of prisoners who need our help in Orange County alone.

Incarceration rates in the United States of America are the highest in the world. (Dept. of Justice 2019). The estimated cost per prisoner is $60,000 per year in some states. Taxpayers foot the bill for feeding, housing and securing them.

For economic and social reasons, it is clear that preventative measures need to be taken.

Our Brighter Futures program is crucial! Please support this greatly needed program.

How It Works

America On Track’s Brighter Futures program
is a unique & free 5-component program:

  • STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math) activities
  • An inspirational summer educational college camp at CSUF
  • Qualified, trained mentors serving as positive role models
  • Free special events designed to provide joy in their lives
  • Wraparound services for the entire family and free books year-round

The 5 components work synergistically
with proven successful outcomes.

The 5 components work synergistically
with proven successful outcomes.