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“Today, massive and conclusive scientific evidence documents adverse effects of involuntary smoking on children and adults, including cancer and cardiovascular diseases in adults, and adverse respiratory effects in both children and adults.”

~ Richard Carmona, M.D., M.P.H., F.A.C.S., Surgeon General

Reducing Exposure to Secondhand Smoke

The goal of the On Track for a Tobacco-Free Orange County project is to address social determinants of health and to reduce health disparities that are prevalent in communities with a high Latino population and high percentages of low socioeconomic status and limited-education individuals. America On Track works synergistically with priority populations as we move towards ending the tobacco epidemic altogether.

America On Track actively participated in supporting Disneyland in banning smoking & vaping on their premises! Then America On Track took the lead in successfully initiating smoke-free parks in Santa Ana & Stanton!

America On Track’s goal is to continue engaging
in activities that facilitate the adoption and implementation of policies
that reduce residents’ exposure to secondhand smoke, such as: Smoke-Free City policies in Santa Ana, Stanton and Buena Park; Voluntary Smoke-Free Multi-Unit Housing policies throughout Orange County; and policies eliminating the sale and distribution of menthol and other flavored tobacco products in the cities of Fullerton and Stanton.

Since 2010, America On Track has been implementing California Tobacco Control Projects to reduce secondhand smoke exposure in Orange County. These efforts focus on legislative and voluntary policy work and have yielded the following results:

  • Smoke-Free City and Smoke-Free Multi-Unit Housing Ordinance ~ Passed July 2023 ~ City of Buena Park
  • Flavors Ban Ordinance ~ Passed March 2022 ~ City of Santa Ana
  • Tobacco Retail License and Flavors Ban Ordinance ~ Passed July 2021 ~ City of Buena Park
  • Smoke-Free Parks City Ordinance ~ Passed July 2018 ~ City of Stanton
  • Smoke-Free Parks City Ordinance ~ Passed February 2012 ~ City of Santa Ana
  • 95 Multi-Unit Housing complexes (representing 6,018 residential units) adopted a voluntary 100% smoke-free policy, including individual units and balconies
  • 39 Licensed Residential Child Care Facilities adopted 100% smoke-free policies for their properties
  • 39 Restaurants adopted smoke-free outdoor dining policies
  • 5 Trade Schools adopted 100% smoke-free policies for their campuses

How It Works

In order to successfully facilitate the adoption and implementation of
smoke-free policies
America On Track conducts the following activities:

  • Develop and Sustain Secondhand Smoke Workgroups, made up of youth and adults from our priority populations
  • Participate in Community Events
  • Conduct Educational Presentations
  • Develop Educational Materials
  • Collect Public Opinion Surveys and Key Informant Interviews
  • Collaborate with Local and State Tobacco Control Organizations
  • Meet with Policy Makers
  • Provide Follow-Up Assistance and Technical Support