Hardouin arrived at this conclusion after he had supposedly found numerous mistakes in the ancient and classical texts. Stanley Meyer's water fuel cell) may be treated as pseudoscience. In the book Burkes Presidential Families of the United States of America, he suggested that George W. Bush is the 13th cousin to the current Queen Elizabeth. The Duke even appropriated Raiss wealth while the trial was still ongoing. The speech is said to include Franklin saying that the Jewish people will amass in large numbers and attempt to change the US government. Criticisms of fringe theories should be reported on relative to the visibility, notability, and reliability of the sources that do the criticizing. The theory continues to thrive today among some skeptics, and among believers of other religions, most notably the Ahmadiyya Muslim community. Remember the Latin Bible? This is definitely a baseless CONSPIRACY theory. It was initially reported that Todashev was killed while alone with the FBI agent. Fringe theories include the models and proposals of fringe science, as well as similar ideas in other areas of scholarship, such as the humanities. Category. The theory has been used to explain a wide number of medical trends, including the fact that people in developed nations suffer from more allergies, have widespread autoimmune diseases, and have a problem with acute lymphoblastic leukemia in young people. In fact, its origins are rooted in Bchamp's empirically disproven (in the context of disease) theory of pleomorphism. Using a method he called empirico-statistical analysis, Fomenko arrived at the conclusion that ancient history was really just a distorted version of Medieval events. Scientists must evaluate the plausibility of each new fringe claim, and certain fringe discoveries "will later graduate into the ranks of accepted" while others "will never receive confirmation". Jamie founded Listverse due to an insatiable desire to share fascinating, obscure, and bizarre facts. 1Identifying fringe theories Toggle Identifying fringe theories subsection 1.1Spectrum of fringe theories 1.1.1Pseudoscience 1.1.2Questionable science 1.1.3Alternative theoretical formulations 2Sourcing Toggle Sourcing subsection 2.1Reliable sources 2.2Independent sources 2.3Parity of sources 2.4Attribution 2.4.1Quotations Fringe theories should be discussed in context; uncontroversial ideas may need to be referred to in relation to fringe theories. One estimate has suggested that more than 150 million Americans might be of royal descent. After his death, the body of Jesus is stolen from his grave, but eventually recovered by the authorities. By parity of sources, critiques of that material can likewise be gleaned from reliable websites and books that are not peer reviewed. If mentioning a fringe theory in another article gives undue weight to the fringe theory, discussion of the fringe theory may be limited, or even omitted altogether. The Franklin Prophecy is the fringe belief that Benjamin Franklin made anti-Jewish comments during a speech at the Constitutional Convention of 1787. The more appropriate . The notability of a fringe theory must be judged by statements from verifiable and reliable sources, not the proclamations of its adherents. The movie examines a large number of TV outtakes that touch on the 1992 presidential election, the LA riots, and abortion protests. Supporters of this theory claim that documents exist pointing to the Soviets discussing an attack on Germany. But in 2013, claims started to emerge that the true impact of the Fukushima disaster was much larger than reported. Fringe science refers to ideas whose attributes include being highly speculative or relying on premises already refuted. Such claims may contain or be followed by qualifiers to maintain neutralitye.g. According to this theory, the British arent the only ones descended from the Lost Tribes of Israelthe Japanese are as well. Such theories strive to explain different mental processes including how the mind processes information and how our thoughts lead to certain emotions and behaviors. Harold Brooks-Baker was an Anglo-American journalist who became famous for his books on the genealogy of the British Royal family. The findings have helped fuel the conspiracy theory that an elite group, such as the Illuminati, is secretly controlling American elections, using the media to promote the most royal candidate. It is home to the Donora Zinc Works and American Steel & Wire factories. In the wake of the crisis, a large number of people in Donora got cancer. However, a lack of consideration or acceptance does not necessarily imply rejection, either; ideas should not be portrayed as rejected or carry negative labels such as pseudoscience unless such claims can be documented in reliable sources. After the story made headlines, the girl said that she wasnt surprised by the connection because the people seemed to have a common trait of wanting power. Activation Theory Actor-Observer Difference Affect Infusion Model Affect Perseverance Aggression Ambiguity effect Amplification Hypothesis Anchoring and Adjustment Heuristic Anticipatory Regret see Regret Theory Appraisal Theory Attachment Theory Attachment Style Attitude Attitude-Behavior Consistency Attribution Theory Automatic Believing Bush can be seen having a private conversation with Larry King about the drug Halcion (about 6:20 in the above video). It's Packed With Sexy Energy, of Course", "Arrowheads Found in Texas Dial Back Arrival of Humans in America", "The quest for immortality: Want to live 500 years? Claims derived from fringe theories should be carefully attributed to an appropriate source and located within a contexte.g. They possessed excellent sailing skills and built bigger ships than the ones used by Columbus. As a result, founders and believers of fringe theories often end up as objects of ridicule. However, meeting this standard indicates only that the idea may be discussed in other articles, not that it must be discussed in a specific article. Inclusion and exclusion of content related to fringe theories and criticism of fringe theories may be done by means of a rough parity of sources. According to the stoned ape theory by American author and philosopher Terence McKenna, after our ancestors climbed down from the treetops, they began eating psilocybin mushrooms that thrived in the waste of cattlea move that sped up their evolution. Not only that, he contended that the Bible, particularly the New Testament, was originally written in Latin. While pseudoscience may, in some cases, be significant to an article, it should not obfuscate the description or prominence of the mainstream views. Heriberto Lazcano Lazcano was the leader of the Los Zetas drug cartel until his death in a shootout with police on October 7, 2012. From Infogalactic: the planetary knowledge core. A fringe theory is an idea that departs from the mainstream view. In 1614, the book was reprinted by Jewish apostate Samuel Friedrich Brenz and presented as fact. Alternative theoretical formulations from within the scientific community are not pseudoscience, but part of the scientific process. However, it also requires that they not be given undue weight. Many fringe ideas aren't inherently dangerous, but in some cases, they spark valid concern from scientists, such as the claim that COVID-19 vaccines can alter your DNA. Likewise, exceptional claims in Wikipedia require high-quality reliable sources. fringe science. Sufficiently notable for dedicated articles: Not sufficiently notable for dedicated articles: Just because an idea is not accepted by most experts does not mean it should be removed from Wikipedia. In 2002, the Franklin Prophecy was mentioned by Osama Bin Laden in his Letter to the American People. Many aspects of the theory point to a clear forgery and hoax. Attempts by inventors and adherents to artificially inflate the perceived renown of their fringe theories, such as sock puppetry in AfD discussions, are prohibited. Alchemy is the now-defunct pseudoscientific quest to discover the philosopher's stone, coveted by the particularly greedy and those who couldn't cope with their own mortality. In addition, there is an approximate demarcation between pseudoscience and questionable science, and they merit careful treatment. Take Princeton economist Paul Krugman who ominously warns that: Unlike the crazy conspiracy theories of the leftwhich do exist, but are supported only by a tiny fringethe crazy conspiracy . The boundary between fringe science and pseudoscience is disputed. Fringe science theories are often advanced by persons who have no traditional academic science background, or by researchers outside the mainstream discipline. Official history teaches us that during World War II, Nazi Germany acted as the aggressor against its erstwhile ally, the Soviet Union. From that viewpoint, the discovery of beer was an evolutionary success. It has been estimated that the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster released approximately one-tenth of the radiation of the Chernobyl accident. Points that are not discussed in independent sources should not be given any space in articles. To fight the cold temperature, their bodies eventually became covered with subcutaneous fat. A concept that was once accepted by the mainstream scientific community may become fringe science because of a later evaluation of previous research. Wikipedia is neither a publisher of original thought nor a soapbox for self-promotion and advertising. All That's Interesting is a Brooklyn-based digital publisher that seeks out stories that illuminate the past, present, and future. We havent perfected this science mainly because it is incredibly controversial and requires so much human testing, but maybe 50 years from now well all be able to pop a pill and have telekinetic and telepathic powers. Some theories that were once rejected as fringe science, but were eventually accepted as mainstream science, are: Plate tectonics [22] [23] The existence of Troy [24] [25] Heliocentrism [26] Norse colonization of the Americas The Big Bang theory [27] Helicobacter pylori bacteria as the causative agent of peptic ulcer disease [28] Fringe views of those better known for other achievements or incidents should not be given undue prominence, especially when these views are incidental to their fame. Even to know what the majority thinks you need a LARGE SAMPLE SIZE to get an idea. According to the so-called swoon theory, Jesus had merely fainted from His injuries or drank a drug that made Him lose consciousness. McGovern believes that early hunter-gatherers accidentally became addicted to the intoxication caused by eating fermented fruit. The company didnt respond to our request for a price quote, but we can go ahead and assume most people arent going to be running out to buy one anytime soon. Journals that are not peer reviewed by the wider academic community should not be considered reliable, except to show the views of the groups represented by those journals.[9]. The Magna Carta is considered a forebear of the Constitution of the United States. Evolution, The Big Bang Theory, and Continental Drift all began on the fringes of science and todaywhile still debated by someare taken as scientific truth. Fringe theories may be excluded from articles about scientific topics when the scientific community has ignored the ideas. Lazcano is suspected of killing hundreds of people and used torture to spread fear over the populace. It was also initially claimed that he threatened the officers with a knife, gun, or sword, but these reports were later dismissed. The complicated relationship between the level of acceptance of an idea and its notability is explored below. Finally, even though the Gospel of John states that a Roman soldier speared Jesuss side, it is the only gospel to mention it; the three other gospels that preceded it never bring up the incident. 10 Fantastically Far-Fetched Fringe Theories by Marc V. fact checked by Jamie Frater As we have previously discussed, fringe theories contain premises and ideas that radically differ from the mainstream point of view. The world is so complex that there are many truths. They are needed to demonstrate that an idea is sufficiently notable to merit a dedicated article about it. - Formulated by French librarian Jean Hardouin in 1693, this theory holds that a shadowy group had forged numerous ancient Greek, Roman, and Latin texts during the 13th and 14th centuries. Agran gained public support during his campaign, but he was banned from debates and conferences. He then used the videos to create the 1995 documentary titled Spin. A fringe theory is an idea or viewpoint held by a small group of supporters. The victims were given knives, hammers, and machetes to protect themselves. Fringe science refers to ideas whose attributes include being highly speculative or relying on premises already refuted. Despite the evidence, many people in Mexico have suspected that Heriberto Lazcano is still alive. In August 2013, the Japanese government announced that Fukushima had experienced a massive leak of radiation-contaminated water. Care should be taken with journals that exist mainly to promote a particular viewpoint. Although fringe science is founded in established science, it explores . Primary sources about research and investigations should only be used to verify the text and should not be relied on exclusively as doing so would violate Wikipedia's policies on original research. Fringe science has its basis in established science, but explores and studies areas at the very boundaries, and is often poorly funded and under-resourced. More evidence that we will all be his underlings some day. In the film, Al Gore can be seen being taught how to avoid questions on abortion and Pat Robertson makes derogatory comments about gay people. There will be new insights in developing and proposing thesis proposals which will introduce various applications . In contrast, many mainstream articles do not link to articles about fringe theories. The girl discovered the connection after exploring a genealogy database created by her grandfather. Believers claim that radiation from the plant has spread around the world and is causing negative health concerns and that Fukushima is not experiencing some leaks, but the disaster is an ongoing event like never witnessed before, which might continue for hundreds of years. This is particularly true within articles dedicated specifically to fringe ideas: Such articles should first describe the idea clearly and objectively, then refer the reader to more accepted ideas, and avoid excessive use of point-counterpoint style refutations. We humans have been using drugs in an attempt to access our whole brains for about as long as weve been on this planet. What is more, just because a quote is accurate and verifiably attributed to a particular source does not mean that the quote must necessarily be included in an article. . Claims that are uncontroversial and uncontested within reliable sources should be presented as simple statements of facte.g. In his work, Brooks-Baker suggested that every US presidential election has been won by the candidate with the most royal blood. [1] Fringe science theories are often advanced by persons who have no traditional academic science background, or by researchers outside the mainstream discipline. Articles about fringe theories sourced solely from a single primary source (even when it is peer reviewed) may be excluded from Wikipedia on notability grounds. [2]:173, Margaret Wertheim profiled many "outsider scientists" in her book Physics on the Fringe, who receive little or no attention from professional scientists. To search for food, our ancestors developed an upright posture that enabled them to use their hands while wading into deeper waters. Collectively their conclusions are ground-breaking. Fringe views, products, or those who promote them, may be mentioned in the text of other articles only if independent reliable sources connect the topics in a serious and prominent way. We can thank those two for fringe outfits, flower headbands, and probably Coachella. It usually involves arguing that Louis Pasteur's model of infectious disease was wrong, and that Antoine Bchamp's was right. The fringe theory says that the meltdown is the largest nuclear disaster in history and dwarfs the Chernobyl accident. Yet. In the end, the media failed to report on his success and Agran failed to get recognized. To back up this claim, proponents state that the narrative of ancient Japanese history essentially mirrors the Jewish one. In 2012, Stanford University estimated that the radiation from Fukushima Daiichi would cause around 15 to 1300 deaths from cancer. Fringe theories often surround bizarre news stories, coincidences, geological features, or strange events, because when were presented with unverified speculation, we often like to investigate the topic further in an attempt to find an answer. write that "From a media perspective it is evident that controversial science sells, not only because of its dramatic value, but also since it is often connected to high-stake societal issues."[32]. Cognitive theories of psychology are focused on internal states, such as motivation, problem-solving, decision-making, thinking, and attention. Articles which cover controversial, disputed, or discounted ideas in detail should document (with reliable sources) the current level of their acceptance among the relevant academic community. The sourced contribution must simply aid in the verifiable and neutral presentation of the subject. Whereas Illigs hypothesis drops approximately 300 years off the calendar, Fomenko asserts that 1,100 years of history have been a total sham, thanks to the machinations of churchmen in the 15th and 16th centuries. First formulated in the 1960s by British marine scientist Alister Hardy, the aquatic ape theory maintains that our modern human abilities are the result of our ancestors amphibious existence. Kalisch explains that the newly emerged Arab empire combined Jesus and Moses in order to create a unifying symbol for its people (Kalisch also believes the Islamic conquests never happened). Historians such as Robert Spencer and, more recently, Sven Muhammad Kalisch cite several historical inaccuracies that give weight to this theory. For example, in the article about Bigfoot, a verifiably attributed and accurately preserved quotation might take the following form: The Bigfoot Field Researchers Association has stated, "Scientists from various disciplines put the most compelling sasquatch evidence to the test. It can be an unverified hypothesis, historical hoax, or pseudoscientific discovery. He was an acquaintance of the Boston Marathon bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev, and was killed while being questioned about the bombing and a triple homicide that occurred in Waltham, Massachusetts, on the evening of September 11, 2011. The theory is often referred to as the Franklin Forgery, but has found acceptance in the Arab and Palestinian media. Research on the Y-chromosomes of Jews has suggested that they are closely related to other populations from the Middle East, such as Arabs, Turks, and Kurds. The majority of the scholars have so far rejected this theory, and cited the many medical improbabilities required for Jesuss escape. Rarely, fringe ideas do become accepted by 'regular' scientists. Advertisement Coins. A list created by: Lee Sonogan Science gives as the most absolute truths. So far, Fomenko and his believers continue to work on their theory, despite being criticized by mainstream historians and scientists for their unconventional methods and views. It is also far from presenting a potential solution to the problem because kids absolutely need immunization and good hygiene. This feat was verified by sailor Philip Beale. Fittingly, another term for these schools of thought is fringe science one that Gordin prefers, after researching fringe theories since the late 1990s. Parity of sources may mean that certain fringe theories are only reliably and verifiably reported on, or criticized, in alternative venues from those that are typically considered reliable sources for scientific topics on Wikipedia. On October 27, residents noticed a thick, yellowish, and acrid smog cloud hovering over the city. Ideas that are of borderline or minimal notability may be mentioned in Wikipedia, but should not be given undue weight. However, there are at least two caveats: not every identified subject matter has its own academic specialization, and the opinion of a scholar whose expertise is in a different field should not be given undue weight. Although his fellow scholars tried their best to accommodate Hardouins theory, his constant push for these radical views eventually turned him into an outcast in the scientific community. 3. The main purveyor of the theory was Aristotle, who based his studies on the ideas of thinkers like Anaximander, Hippolytus, and Anaxagoras, all of whom stressed the ways in which life could spontaneously come into being from inanimate matter like slime, mud, and earth when exposed to sunlight. Weve covered Gilles de Raiss horrific crimes too many times already. The spearhead of this transition? He was not identified until a group of masked men stole the body from a local funeral home. Despite the theorys popularity, modern human genetics doesnt support the idea. Here are the top ten fringe sciences and theories that could become mainstream in your lifetime: Cybernetics is the study and re-creation of control systems (the nervous system, the brain, and mechanical-electrical communication systems). Further elaborating the continuous magnetization model of uniaxial permanent magnets and magnetic actuation principles at the high fields (28-31), in this study, we present a canvas of UHF magnetic guidewire steering strategies in the MRI scanner ().By challenging the common assumption that the magnetic objects are fully aligned with the ultrahigh MRI main field (8, 27), we observed that the . He even contributed toward building the first permanent synagogue in Philadelphia. [2]:161. The aquatic ape theory states that our ancestors lived a semi-aquatic existence, inhabiting the edges of large bodies of water. The smog has spawned a large number of conspiracy theories, revolving around US Steels refusal to release the records about the disaster, including an air chemical analysis. Fringe reports have been published claiming that Tokyo is becoming highly contaminated with radiation. According to some revisionist historians, most notably a former Soviet intelligence officer named Vladimir Rezun, Stalins mobilization of millions of men across the countrys European borders was not a defensive one. At first, Hardouin named the Benedictines as the main culprits behind the forgeries. In 2008, the Briton used an exact replica of a Phoenician ship to successfully circumnavigate the continent. It has expanded to suggest that human exposure to bacteria is important for immune system development. If psychedelic plants have the ability to induce a veritable religious experience, then surely they could also have been instrumental in fast-forwarding our ancestors evolution? This has resulted in a tendency to dismiss all fringe science as the domain of pseudoscientists, hobbyists, and quacks.[4]. Fomenko also saw Jerusalem as an allegory of either Constantinople, or even ancient Troy. Some other potential causes for the outbreak of allergies in developed countries include infant feeding (formula), overexposure to allergens, and exposure to pollutants. Brooks-Baker also claimed that Queen Elizabeth is related to the Prophet Mohammed. The theory is known as the most royal candidate hypothesis. By 2015, the widespread impact of the radiation will be felt in Japan. inquiry in an established field of study which departs significantly from mainstream theories in that field and is considered to be questionable by the mainstream. These physiological features, plus a few others (enlarged brains, empty sinuses, and descended larynxes), constitute concrete proof for supporters of the theory. Fringe science is any field of scientific inquiry which represents a significant departure from orthodox theories or bodies of work. The fringe theory developed in England during the 17th century and eventually spread to the United States. Many encyclopedic topics can be evaluated from a number of different perspectives, and some of these perspectives may make claims that lack verification in research, that are inherently untestable, or that are pseudoscientific. Fringe ideas that go against mainstream scientific thought are effectively a constant in most areas of science, and there are a number of examples where the ideas have moved from the fringes. Particularly harsh criticism should be attributed"Philosopher A. C. Grayling dismisses intelligent design as 'a little driblet of childish ignorance; a mark of mankind's infancy'"while simple facts"humans and chimpanzees evolved from a common ancestor"are best left stated simply as facts rather than recast as opinions. [2]:178-9, Friedlander suggests that fringe science is necessary so that mainstream science will not atrophy. [4] Poorly conducted research, research fraud and other types of bad science are not necessarily pseudoscientific refer to reliable sources to find the appropriate characterisation. The best sources to use when describing fringe theories, and in determining their notability and prominence, are independent reliable sources. (See also Links normally to be avoided, Conflict of interest, Autobiography guidelines.) The hypothesis argues that people who have better hygiene and effective medical care may have impaired regulatory T-cells. We use the term fringe theory in a very broad sense to describe an idea that departs significantly from the prevailing views or mainstream views in its particular field. Note that fringe journals exist, some of which claim peer review. Superseded scientific theories. The ultimate conspiracy being that the United States government wouldnt admit to the negative health implications of fluoride, so instead decided to promote the chemical for public health benefits and place trace amounts in peoples drinking water. We still use all sorts of drugs to try and utilize all the nooks and crannies of the brain. The radiation cloud will continue to move around the world for decades, while the Pacific Ocean will be polluted by the complete failure of the power plant. Inquiries far outside of mainstream science, strategies for engineered negligible senescence, List of topics characterized as pseudoscience, "Distinguishing Science from Pseudoscience", "Two Scientists Jailed; Pair Sentenced in Maine in Sale of 'Accumulators', "THE RESURRECTION OF WILHELM REICH AND ORGONE THERAPY", "Fantastically Wrong: Why Is the Sky Blue? Some believe that the ancient Phoenicians were the first people to ever successfully set sail to the Americas, allegedly reaching the east coast of Central America more than 2,000 years before Columbus. The theory stands in direct contrast to the standard Savannah theory, which holds that our ancestors evolved modern human traits in the open plains. The book was first translated into Latin by a Dominican friar named Ramon Marti in the 1200s. However, he might have used a metal pole or broomstick. However, the theory was heavily derided in its infancy by the mainstream scientific community. For a fringe view to be discussed in an article about a mainstream idea, independent reliable sources must discuss the relationship of the two as a serious and substantial matter. One man, Philip Sadtler, has claimed to have found evidence for high levels of fluoride in Donora. Not all pseudoscience and fringe theories are alike. Brooks-Baker traced the lineage of 33 US presidents back to Alfred the Great and Charlemagne. Language links are at the top of the page across from the title. While undoubtedly outlandish, this was by no means the only crazy evolutionary theory about our ancestors. . Specifically theories that didn't start out as a scientific/STEM discovery. Wikipedia is not a place to right great wrongs. Wikipedia is not and must not become the validating source for non-significant subjects, and it is not a forum for original research. Care should be taken not to mislead the reader by implying that, because the claim is actively disputed by only a few, it is otherwise supported. Jamie founded Listverse due to an insatiable desire to share fascinating, obscure, and bizarre facts. This branch of fringe science stems from the hypothesis that the human brain is infinitely capable, but certain social and physical factors prohibit us from reaching our full potential. In 1215, King John enacted the Magna Carta, which was one of the first documents to support democracy. It said that no freeman could be punished except by the law of the people. The 10 Most Fascinating (And Terrifying) Fringe Sciences. He proved in his Special Theory of Relativity that objects in motion actually do experience time differently than their stationary counterparts. When discussing topics that reliable sources say are pseudoscientific or fringe theories, editors should be careful not to present the pseudoscientific fringe views alongside the scientific or academic consensus as though they are opposing but still equal views. nvidia tesla m40 mining hashrate, hillsboro hops shuttle,

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